Registered both in Malta and Madagascar, The Arnaud Guesry Foundation is a non-profit organisation
which aims to provide a home for children orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused.

Our story began over 30 years ago when Arnaud Guesry died in a car accident at the age of seven.

He was the son of our founder and former president Dr Pierre Rene Guesry.

Following his death, Dr Pierre Rene Guesry was driven to contribute to the protection and development of disadvantaged children.

“When my son died in a car accident, I felt I had to DO something. But just giving money to a faceless organisation wasn’t enough. I was afraid that the money would be absorbed into the giant budgets of some multinational NGOs and that I wouldn’t be able to see the difference my money was made in the memory of my son.”
After long extensive research, Dr Pierre Rene Guesry decided to build our foundation in Madagascar, specifically in the Northern Province of Diana. He chose Madagascar due to the country’s increasing poverty, child mortality rate as well as sexual abuse of minors. With over 70% of its population living on less than $2 per day, Madagascar it is one of the poorest non-conflict countries in the world.
The Foundation works in the northern region of Diana, in a city called Diego Suarez. We targeted this region because of the regional inequality in the presence of international support, higher incidences of child abuse, and the sex tourism highlighted in this region.

Diego Suarez has been identified as a problematic area, with children being extricated from the sex tourism industry and needing space in government facilities. This means there is less space in these facilities for younger, abandoned, orphaned and abused children.

This is where our NGO, run by a small group of qualified professionals brought together for the purpose of one man, can help.

Unfortunately, Dr Guesry passed away, but we will continue to work hard in his legacy; to realise his dream and honour him and his son, Arnaud.


Our ethos has always been to keep administration and overhead costs at a minimum – we want to ensure more money is spent on the children in our care. This way, we continue to be purely philanthropic and guarantee donations will be put to good use.

We are also an actively transparent organisation. Should donors have any special requests as to how and where their donation should be used, or wish to know more about the specific areas in which donations fund then we urge getting in touch via our contacts page. It is also possible to download our charity documents and financial documents below.

Charity Documentation | 2018 Financial Report | 2019 Financial Report