Our Foundation works in Diego Suarez in the northern region of Diana. We targeted this region because of the regional inequality in the presence of international support, higher incidences of child abuse and the sex tourism highlighted in this region. And in 2013 the foundation launched its first project, La Maison d’Arnaud. With our residential home built in Antanamitarana, La Maison d’Arnaud provides long-term housing, health services, specialist mental health care, education and a loving home for up to 50 children


Volunteers are welcome to our home!
We welcome volunteers from all over the world as they bring their own knowledge and skills with them. There are many exciting opportunities here at La Maison d’Arnaud for Malagasy, French or English speaking volunteers. What is great about volunteering with us is that our programs are personalised to suit your interests and goals. We will work with you to design a volunteer schedule to fulfil your objectives. 


We’d love to hear from you!
Through working with all our supporters, we have realised that not all heroes wear capes! You too can be our hero. You can help keep our project alive by donating, sponsoring or volunteering. Help can also come also come in form of educational supplies, computer donations or any in kind gifts.  To get in touch please contact us through our contact page, Facebook page or DM us on Instagram.


Tonga Soa! Bienvenue! Welcome!
At La Maison d’Arnaud, our family is not just the children in our home but, children in our community. To show our appreciation for our community, we invite children in the community and surrounding villages to take part. Our aim is to increase education levels both in our children and in our community. We hope that our support will help give all the children in our community a fair chance at a brighter future. Get in touch to meet our family!

The Arnaud Guesry Foundation aims to provide long-term housing, care and education for children orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused in Madagascar.

Charity is one of the most
words in any language

– Dr Pierre Rene Guesry